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Below are the real requests of children in foster care that you can help ensure Foster Angels fulfills by sponsoring their needs today.

Gymnastics for Sisters

Five and Six-year-old sisters, Kayla and Kimberly have always wanted to take gymnastics, but finances have always kept them away. While they await being reunified with their mother, their foster parents would like to enroll them in gymnastics and need our help.

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Snow Boots for Mae

After years of being in foster care, Mae has finally been reunited with her half-sister in North Dakota whose father will be adopting Mae immediately. Before Mae moves up to North Dakota, she'll need some snow boots.


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Basketball for Cale

Cale has been in foster care since 2013, and has loved playing basketball ever since he was young. Unfortunately, he did not make the cut to play for his high school team but still wants to continue playing. He needs help paying the $50 monthly fee to play for his community team, and improve his game!

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Football Equipment for Spencer

Spencer is on his school's football team, and needs to pay his equipment fee for the fall season.

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Cheer for Carolyn

Six-year-old Carolyn has been looking forward to starting cheerleading this fall for months, and her town will be moving forward with kids activities just with a limited amount of spots. Make sure Carolyn is one of the first kids signed up!

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Gold Fish for Sarah

10-year-old Sarah has suffered greatly from the physical and emotional trauma she has gone through. At her treatment center, she's been talking a lot about wanting to take care of a goldfish pet. Everyone in her circle of support is encouraging of this and we want to help get her set up with all she needs to take care of her new pet goldfish!

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Sleeping Bags for Elliot and Zane

Brothers Elliot and Zane have been going on weekend camping trips with their foster family, and are in need of new, durable sleeping bags and other camping equipment.

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Dance Camp for Jess

8-year-old Jess is dying to go to dance camp this summer, but her foster parents need help paying the sign up fee.

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Camp for Two Siblings

Jane and her brother Scott are currently placed in two separate foster homes but have the opportunity to attend camp together this summer. All they need is their sign up fee sponsored.

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16-year-old DJ's first suit

DJ has never had a suit, and is in need for formal school events and a job interview.

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Foster Angels of Central Texas

Foster Angels of Central Texas is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We offer foster children in Central Texas what they need when they need it most. That moment of need for children in foster care is not next week or next month. It’s today, right now.