October 2nd
7:00pm - 10:00pm

The Wild Onion Ranch 12112 Old San Antonio Rd, Manchaca, TX 78652

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Arrival and Parking:
  • A map and the venue address are below. Click the address to open Google Maps if you'd like navigation instructions. 

  • No tickets needed! Spots are reserved under each sponsor's name.

  • Cars will be parked according to arrival time & vehicle size. No saving spots! If you'd like to be parked next to friends or family, please plan to arrive together (you may wish to meet nearby first so you can drive in at the same time) and staff will do their best to accommodate.

  • Watch from your car or the grass! You may sit in your car or truck bed or outside on the passenger side of your vehicle. Don't forget to bring camp chairs, lawn chairs or blankets if you'd like to sit outside your vehicle.

  • Once you are parked, you will not be able to leave and return. If you need to leave early in case of emergency, notify your area manager for assistance. 

  • No idling. Cars must remain in accessory mode until exiting, and vehicle headlights must be off.

Safety and Security:
  • Masks are required at all times, when not eating and drinking.

  • You must remain six feet apart from any non-family member or guest you did not arrive with.

  • Bathroom facilities will be provided and sanitized between each guest.

  • Cars will be checked briefly upon arrival and departure—alcoholic beverages may not be brought from home, and open containers must be disposed of before departure. 

  • Drive safely! If you are unable to drive yourself home, you may call a rideshare and leave your car at the ranch until 10am Saturday morning.

  • Please leave all pets in the comfort of your home. 

October 2nd 2020

The Wild Onion Ranch 12112 Old San Antonio Rd, Manchaca, TX 78652

Hill Country Conservancy

Hill Country Conservancy protects large strategic tracts of open space that conserve critical water features, provides much needed recreational access to nature via the Violet Crown Trail, and promotes a conservation ethic by cultivating awareness and transforming our community.