$38 Raised of $5,000 Goal

This year CARY will serve 1,800 at-risk youth. CARY's youth advisors use the power of healthy snacks to not only help nourish our kids, but to also open their minds to the opportunity of positive choices! When kids have stabilized blood sugar, they perform better emotionally, allowing CARY to address the "whole child" Join us in giving healthy snacks for all of the 14 schools CARY serves!

These donations help CARY save money so all of our funds go directly back into the services we provide to support our students!!

$400 | Gives a school snack for a year
$200 | Gives a school snack for a semester
$40 | Gives a school snacks for a month

If you have any questions, please contact CARY at info@cary4kids.org.

Thank You Donors!

Robert Ohannessian

December 25, 2021


Council on At-Risk Youth

CARY is doing work that no other agency in Central Texas is doing, which is addressing students who are involved in the disciplinary system for aggressive acts. CARY works with middle school and high school students for an entire year using an evidence based curriculum that renders outstanding outcomes such as: an improvement in academic performance, attendance and behavior, as well as an overall improvement of campus safety.