Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Garden Party Paradise! We have a lot of fun ways for you to get involved and benefit vulnerable children and families right from home! Don't forget to check out our silent auction, too! Find the link below!

$12,041 Raised of $15,000 Goal






All proceeds raised through the 2021 Garden Party will greatly impact the lives of Vera Lloyd's foster children, juvenile adjudicates, and foster and adoptive parents. For more information about Vera Lloyd, please visit our website.

Silent Auction & Donations

For questions, please contact Katie Cacy at katiecacy@veralloyd.org.

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Story Gateways

Take a walk through foster youth's daily lives. 

  • Medical Neglect: Often we think of neglect in terms of attention, time or nutrition, but limiting or refusing medical care or treatment is another more hidden issue for children of abuse. Corey came to Vera Lloyd with severe Hyperthyroidism that had been left untreated. Her eyes bulged from head, and she was chronically ill. Today with regular doctors' visits and daily medication, she is healthy and thriving.
  • Hygiene: Before coming to Vera Lloyd, many kids are not given regular access to showers, hygiene products or provided with knowledge of how to care for themselves. For teens, this is particularly hard; they go to school smelling, repelling the few who could offer them encouragement. Foster Children adopt an attitude to cope. They put up high walls to protect themselves. But, when a child is given what they need and compassionate instruction, one can see the change immediately. Confidence and self-esteem build as they are able to take care of themselves externally. And, internally, their broken hearts begins to heal as well. 
  • Substance Abuse: Children of abuse and neglect often fall victim to addiction because they are trying to cope and escape from the pain of their lives. Many times, they are introduced to drugs by the people that are supposed to love and care for them. Vera Lloyd’s counseling services not only address their traumatic past but also empower youth to fight and beat addiction. They are given the tools and resources they need to face their demons and coping strategies for when they experience triggers that might lead to relapse. In addition, family are taught to understand addiction and equipped to be supportive, not enabling.  

Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services

Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services is a nonprofit that serves vulnerable children, youth and families from throughout Arkansas. Its administrative office is in Little Rock, and all youth and family program services are based on the Monticello campus. In addition to comprehensive therapeutic services, the Transition Services Program provides youth in state care with critical life skills including post-secondary education planning, employability skill building and financial literacy. With your support, Vera Lloyd can empower youth for a life after foster that is hopeful and stable.