The Art of Kindness

Join us for the Kindest Night in Austin -- The 2019 Art of Kindness will feature messages of kindness, updates on TKC's programs and initiatives, and joyfully celebrate Motown's 60th Anniversary.

November 15th
6 PM - 11 PM

3331 Westlake Drive Austin, Texas 78746

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Contact Jana Bland at or 512-660-4968 if you have any questions. Sponsorships are being accepted and include event benefits. Click here to view sponsorship opportunities.

All proceeds from the evening will benefit The Kindness Campaign.

Host Committee
  • Andra Liemandt, TKC Founder
  • Amber Allen, Event Chair
  • Lawton Cummings, Event Chair
  • Amy Baer
  • Kara Belew
  • Natasha Casamassa 
  • Stacy Dollar
  • Kelly Haselwood 
  • Stacy Hock
  • Lisa Jauregui
  • Julie Jumonville
  • Tracey Marshall
  • Jenny Mason
  • Lesa Rossick
  • Shannon Rotenberg
  • Adria Sheth
  • Heidi Marquez Smith
  • Yuniedth Steen
  • Erin Thornton
  • Donna Tryba

Look forward to seeing you on November 15th!

The Kindness Campaign

About The Kindness Campaign - A MISSION TO NORMALIZE EMOTIONAL HEALTH - TKC™ knows bullying, loneliness, and isolation exist; instead of allowing these states to go unchecked, we provide positive and accessible tools that promote emotional health. TKC is on a mission to create societal change by teaching emotional awareness, empathy, community building, and most importantly, the development of a healthy self-image. By the age of three, 1 in 4 children enters the school system having experienced some form of trauma. And shockingly, suicide is now the second leading cause of death among teenagers. Here at TKC, we believe these phenomena are unacceptable. But the good news is, they are also preventable. TKC is stepping up to the plate, every single day. Since our founding in 2015, our impact has grown quickly, from 1 school to 82 in just four years. But so many communities are hungry for these tools. When you join our mission, you don’t only expand our impact -- you change the course of a child’s entire life.