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Operation Flamingo 2021

We are four proud and dedicated Band Directors. We love our kids and are grateful you are helping us make this their best year! Thanks for supporting us and our band!


$59 Raised of $1,000 Goal






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Thank you for supporting the Anderson Trojan Band and Dance Guard.  Flocks of Anderson Trojan Band students are getting ready for a one-of-a-kind band year! Our Flamingo Fundraiser runs from July 26 to Aug. 13, 2021, and our goal is $65,000.

Every year, parents, students, local businesses and our community raise much-needed funds to support this award-winning music program.  Like last year, this year the school district provides approximately 25% of our annual music budget.  The remaining 75% is made up by generous donations from people like you. 

You can make a 100% tax-deductible donation to support the Anderson High Trojan Band and Dance Guard program by clicking the donate button in the upper right hand corner on the main home page.  If you want to donate to a specific music section, please do so by clicking the link below.

Low Brass

Your support provides:
  • Every student the ability to participate in and thrive with our Band!
  •  Instruments when students are unable to rent
  • Master Class musical instruction for our students
  • Uniform Costs--gloves for wind players, marching uniform including tailoring, custom show uniform for dance guard, tailored tuxedos and dresses, and professional cleaning at the end of the year
  • Band t-shirt to wear under uniform (show shirt)
  • Repairs and maintenance for band trailer
  • Band and Dance Guard supplies, including flag material, equipment and instrument repairs
  • Operating fees, including office supplies, UIL entry fees and local Solo and Ensemble judges
  • Our program reserve funds in times when we are faced with challenges like this year!

More than all this – We Flamingo to keep our program strong and thriving! 

The award-winning Trojan Band is over 180 members strong. Trojan Band and Guard members are active and engaged students who participate in academic, athletic, and community efforts year-round. These amazing kids need your support.  Thank you for being part of the 2021-2022 music year!

For more information on our program, please visit our official Anderson High Trojan Band and Dance Guard website.

Top Fundraisers

AHS Percussion

We are 32 strong. We bring the beat and the rhythm to the moving music we play. Thanks for supporting our section!


AHS Low Brass

We are 34 strong. The largest section of the band. Low Brass provides the foundation for the amazing music our band plays. Thank you for supporting our section!


AHS Clarinets

We are 24 strong. We bring a bit of jazz and emotion to the amazing music we play. Thank you for supporting our section!


AHS Saxes

We are 24 strong. We bridge the gap between woodwinds and brass and add just a little bit of rock and roll to the exciting music we play. Thank you for supporting our section!


AHS Flutes

We are 21 strong. We are the music leaders in charge of carrying the melody and blending all of the versatile music we play. Thank you for supporting our section!


AHS Trumpets

We are 22 strong. Trumpets bring loud, rich, powerful tones to the bold music we play. Thank you for supporting our section!


Thank You Donors!

Keith and Michelle Ewer

August 8, 2021


Supriti Parajuli

August 2, 2021


Anderson High School Trojan Band Boosters

ABBA actively supports the Anderson Trojan Band program (marching, jazz, guard, concert season, etc), the band students, the directors, and all sanctioned band activities.